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Data Recovery

Prevention is always better than cure ..


Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data

Your data is important for your business, and losing it can give you nightmares and might even force you to roll back your business. The risk is heightened if you are into e-commerce. How ever unlikely it might sound but it is a harsh reality that computer data is susceptible to fire, crashing and damage. Prevention is always better than cure,that is why Techhunterz offers Backup and Business continuity planning packages to ensure that your business is always safe. The key to success is your preparedness.


We offer

Immediate file access

Easy expansion of drives

Active Directory integration for access control

1.5 TB fixed back up drive along with two 1.5 TB removable drives.


Preventing Data Loss

Tech-hunterz inc offers sophisticated data back up plans so that you can concentrate on the most important thing for your business – success while we take care of your data and back up needs. Techhunterz backs up your entire office computer/server system and ensures complete safety in times of distress. We create a mirror image of your data,, including your operating system and any other tweaks that you might have made to your machine. We handle large volumes of data within hours and that is the speciality of Tech Hunterz Back up and Business continuity planning, ensuring that you are back on your feet within no time.

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